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1972 Dodge Dart Swinger


318 2 Barrel

Torqueflite automatic



Bright Yellow Green




Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars

Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars

6788 Whipple Ave. NW

North Canton, OH 44720


You don't often see 'em like this anymore. An unmolested 1972 dodge Dart Swinger in excellent shape. many of these little Mopars were "updated" with a bigger engine and a 4 speed transmission.This cutie has made it through 48 years without anyone touching her. This is truly an original car...original engine (318 V8)...original transmission (torque-flite 3 speed automatic)...original rear end. The exterior paint seems to us to be original too, as is the vinyl roof which is in unbelievable condition...no rust bubbles underneath...no pulling at the edges behind the C pillar. The door and window trim appears to never have been removed...there are no dents or any of the telltale signs of someone trying to remove it. The glass is all good, there are no scratches, and there is no delamination even on the vent windows. Body is straight with no signs of major repair, and all the gaps are uniform and the appropriate width. Inside the seats are like new...no cracking of the vinyl or tears in the cloth, and the colors are still vibrant. The carpet shows normal wear, and some aging from the sun, but there are no worn spots or rips anywhere. This car is mechanically sound. The previous owner had done regular maintenance to keep it up because he drove it to many local shows and cruise-ins. For someone who likes originality in their classic car, this is just the ticket. GIVE US A CALL at 330-499-8555

Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars
6788 Whipple Ave NW, Canton, OH, 44720
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