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Here's one of the many letters we've received from satisfied customers:

To Whom it may concern:

My name is Terry Furnell. My email is terryfurnell@mac.com and my phone is (828) 318-3728. You are welcome to contact me about what I am about to say here. We all get tired of those glowing recommendation letters we frequently see but have no way of confirming their authenticity, so I am going to remedy that. call or e-mail me to make sure this is the real deal!

I have searched for several years for the right Fox body Mustang to buy. I wanted a convertible with low mileage that would be suitable for showing as an original car in various car shows but also a car that I could drive frequently and enjoy. Over time I went to see many cars and was disappointed in what I found. What looks great in a picture is often mediocre in person. I came to expect flaws whenever I went to see a car.

In August of 2010 I found on the Internet a 1989 Mustang convertible advertised by Northwest Auto Sales in North Canton, Ohio. The contact person was Steve Arrendale with a phone number listed.

I spent considerable time looking at the many pictures of the car and a video. I had never seen as complete a presentation of a car. There were pictures of every part of the car from every angle, including under the car so you could see some surface rust on the mufflers! The ad claimed the car was completely original and had only 10,500 miles on it. I thought "Oh sure, and pigs fly and they probably have some swamp land and bridges for sale too." I called expecting the car to be sold and the ad a typical come on to get your attention. Boy was I wrong! I was told  the car was still there, the price was as stated, and the mileage was not a misprint.

My wife and I drove a couple of hours the next morning to see the car, expecting to find something wrong that couldn't be seen in the pictures. Wrong again! The car was perfect in every way and completely original except for a new battery, a fresh oil change and the air conditioning modified to use R-134 instead of the old Freon. Oh yes, since the car had sat in a garage for 19 years with old gas in the tank, instead of trying to clean the sludge out of the system (which is nearly impossible), there had been a brand new authentic gas tank installed and all lines and injectors cleaned. Tthe top had been put down and  the car was turned over to us with the admonition to drive it as long as we wanted to for checking it out, and some neat curvy roads in the area were even suggested to us. No salesman went along!

We first stopped to see if it actually had a top and if so, did it work? Yep, worked fine and was in new condition. We actually could find NOTHING wrong with the car. When we got back to the dealership, the salesman answered all of our questions like the Pro that he is and put the deal together exactly as we wanted it. We brought the car home and are absolutely tickled to death with it. The only thing I have done to it is put a new set of tires on it. The tires were in perfect condition with no dry rot or cracking (exactly as Steve had told me over the phone), but they WERE 21 years old and this baby begs to be driven with spirit, which I am not inclined to do on tires that old - even if they do look perfect!

To sum it up: This is one extraordinary car company in every way. Honest to a T about the condition of all of their cars and dealing with Bob Lorius is like doing business with a trusted member of your own family. I just can't say enough good things about the whole outfit. They sure have some fine Iron for sale there. If you are looking for the classic auto you have always wanted, THIS is the place. If they don't have it in stock, I'll bet Bob can find it for you. Call him on his personal line at (330) 499-8555 and if you can drive there, by all means stop in and meet Bob and drool on the beautiful classic cars that are there for sale at great prices.

It is a pleasure to write this letter!

Very truly yours, 

Terry Furnell