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Ohio Corvettes and Muscle CarsOhio Corvettes and Muscle Cars, known locally as Northwest Auto Sales,  was established in 1975 by Bob and Shelly Lorius. Bob had always been an avid hot-rodder and his love for classic cars destined him to be a pioneer in the collector car business. Bob started Northwest Auto Sales in 1975 -named Northwest due to being in the NW end of North Canton, Ohio. Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars has always been family owned and operated. 
The photo to the lower right shows the first classic car Bob sold - a 1957 Chevy convertible. He worked the car from top to bottom, preparing it for paint. Remember - this was the early 70s… so Bob took the ‘57 to Earl Shieb’s for a $29.95 deluxe paint job. Bob sold the freshly painted ‘57 and made a little cash, and he knew at that point that he was meant for the Classic Car business. 
That was 37 years ago, and since then, thousands of Corvettes and classic muscle cars have been sold. Bob soon realized that “Northwest” was not a name befitting what the business has grown into, so Ohio Corvettes and Muscle Cars was born. Our facility now features 4 indoor showrooms packed full of vintage Corvettes, muscle cars, and classic cars. Our inventory runs from 120 to 180 top quality classic cars in a variety of makes and models. We have a clear title on hand for each car in our inventory. We're not a consignment shop. Each car is hand picked by Bob who's been buying classic cars for over 40 years.
98% of our business is Internet-driven…meaning we do many, many long distance deals. Our attention to detail on each deal sets us apart from most other dealers in the industry. We take care of every aspect of the deal -from paperwork to shipping - ensuring that your dream car will be in your driveway in a timely manner. 

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